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About us

PaydayIOM (Payday loans in one minute) is a loan company that matches borrowers with reputable lenders. We render financial assistance for those who need money in pressuring or urgent circumstances.

We hold a consumer lending license from the FCA.

Everyone knows what it’s like to face an unexpected situation that involves unforeseen expenditures. A range of things can happen, such as house maintenance, auto services, health fees, and so on.

To deal with your financial need, just turn to us. If your application is approved, then you will be guaranteed to speak to a lender. Our online process is quick, easy, and secure.

Before signing off a payday loan, you should study the lender’s Terms and Conditions. In short, you should sign the agreement once:

  • You have a clear understanding of the APR, due dates, and other important responsibilities and conditions.
  • You are satisfied with the total amount.
  • You are certain you can pay back the amount in the agreed amount of time.

On our end, we can guarantee that your interest rates won’t be subjected to change without your notice. Please note that if you are unable to meet the conditions of the loan, there can be an increase of costs. This is between you and your lender.

Paydayiom® run our business according to the Data Protection and Consumer Credit guidelines, which states:

  • The maximum APR is 1304%;
  • The minimum loan length must be 1 month;
  • The maximum loan length must be 18 months;
  • Rates start from 48.9%

How we work?

We recommend that you only resort to our service in emergency cases. Payday loans are for short-term financial assistance, not an ongoing or long-term fix. Those who have serious financial difficulties should consult experts.

Taking out a loan is considered to be a serious step and the loan debtor will have to bear his or her responsibility with paying back the loan on time.

Only rely on this service if you are absolutely certain you can pay it back on time. Please note that many consumers enter a financial pitfall when they don’t pay back their short-term loans according to the agreed due date.


How much do you want to borrow?

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