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  •  The principle of our work

Paydayiom is a broker, which means that we do not hold out an offer of loans, but we match our customers with lenders. The customer is connected to one of our lenders, as soon as the request form is filled in.

  •  What is the sum of money that I can count on❓

From  £100 to £5000 and more.

  •  Will it take long to receive my money❓

It takes several minutes to fill in the request form and be connected to one of our reliable lenders. The sum of money borrowed can be received the next business day.

  •  How can I get the borrowing❓

The money will be transferred into your banking account electronically.

  •  How quickly I’ll receive the borrowing if I’ve being approved by a third party lender❓

In general the money will be transferred the next business day. But it also can be related to your lender, you’d better consider the question with him or her.

  •  What are the loan prerequisities❓

To be 18 +, UK resident who has got a regular income and banking account.

  •  Why do you need my personal data❓

It is required to present the data to the lender, who ‘ll supply you with a loan. For more details, please, study our Privacy Policy.

  •  Do you practice the check of credit score❓

We do not practice the check of credit score, but lenders can resort to it.

  •  What is your Representative APR❓

For a thirty day loan of £400 we’ll require 728.9%. But bare in mind that APR can vary in different cases, it is just approximate figures.

  •  What if I can’t pay back❓

You’d better let your lender know about the issue that you could have discussed what to do. Also you can get free consultation at Money Advice Service.(https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en)

  •  Where can I get a payday loan if i already have one❓

You can use our service here.

For more information go here.

  • Is it real to get loans for people on benefits / for self employed ❓

Yes, it’s real.

  • At this stage we are going to clear out the moment what happens or what anticipate if the data in request form given by an applicant is not honest, not true to life

Actually, such kind of behavior of a potential borrower is not welcomed by our company, more over it won’t be by any other. So, if you want to deal with us, please, be honest. We are ready for making advances, but we are making it only for those who don’t lie. By presenting incorrect data you are burning daylight of your own and our lenders. All the time the data presented is going through the verification, if something is wrong, it is out of the question to lend money to the person. Giving untruthful information and receiving money by such way leads to the classification of such action as a fraud one and with the relevant legal proceeding, and it will have an impact on your future attempts to take a loan.

How much money do you really need?

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