Bitcoin: does our future belong to it?

Investors see the future in bitcoin

Recently, it has become known that bitcoin has climbed at swift rates, so that investors from the Main Street are ready to make a deal with the new currency. For sure it can be said that these days bitcoin is in the limelight. Cboe Global Markets Inc. is ready to cooperate with the currency as soon as it is achievable.

The figures the way it is developing are amazing

Having a look at the diagram it is seen with the naked eye that starting with the first day of winter at 8 a.m. bitcoin has risen with rapid leaps. Plus thirty per cents, this is this week’s record, which has bit the figures of the previous week. All in all, summing up the development of the currency the whole year it has skyrocketed more than 11-fold.

The popularity of a new digital currency presupposes huge investments into it, and federal regulation is anticipated to be stimulated with the advancement of a new currency.

How it all has started

The history of biotin dates back to 2009 when the phenomenon has just appeared and it was posed as a new currency which would be free from state interference and bank fees. The tran supposed to be person –to-person, no matter to which corner of the world it should be sent, the only criteria is the availability of Internet.

Within a short time span its’ value skyrocketed from $ 300 to $11000. And it took just a week. Impressive, isn’t it?

There are so many positive reviews on the matter of bitcoin these days but is as safe as it is posed?

In spite of the fact that bitcoin becomes more and more popular all over the world it is still not spread that much in one of the most significant tech regions of London.

Still we cannot deny the fact that bitcoin is something that people want to have, it attracts them. Too many people make inquiries about the digital currency, intending to rearrange the way, for example, their businesses is developing and use bitcoin instead of a traditional currency. In other words we can say these days this niche is open for new discoveries. And it has future, this suggestion is based on the figures that we have today.

What can it give us today?

It gives us such a nice opportunity to pay for goods and services without resorting to the traditional ways of goods-money relationships in such a way that there is no need to deal with banks.

Here we would like to return to the question is everything so optimistic and there is so no any pitfalls?

Of course, not. There exist some pitfalls. First of all, bitcoin has posed itself not more like a currency, but like a store of value. This fact makes it more vulnerable and be subject to speculations by, for example, betting money on it how far it can skyrocket.

Today’s bitcoin miracle resembles the agiotage with tulips of the 17th century. The process has started in 90s and burst in 2000. There was a collapse of currency, and the same thing we can await with bitcoins.

Today experts can say that we can also anticipate more changes of bitoin’s value-to the top-higher and higher.

Bitcoin is not considered for us to be dangerous

Still, many experts are very optimistic on the matter of bitcoin and the way it can affect the economy. At least, they are sure about the stability of economic development within several years (the idea is based on the Centre for Macroeconomics and the Centre for Economic Policy Research).

Their certainty is based on the thing that the digital currency is a small-sized and detached from the wider fiscal system. If we compare the total value of bitcoin with total value with global shares, you ‘ll see the significant difference – $300bn VS $80tn.

The experts say that all the stories about bitcoin and its’ possibility to bubble in future is nothing more than an attempt to whet investors from central banks’ appetite.

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