Cryptocurrency which promises to be far reaching

Cryptocurrency which promises to be far reaching

In our today’s review we are going to discuss the types of cryptocurrencies which promise to be far reaching in a short time distance. We’ll briefly touch upon each type and discuss why the future in it.


The list we should open with the type which is familiar to everybody- bitcoin. It is the first type which rushed into our life, a stable one, in spite of the fact that sometimes it can be in a state of flux. At present it has got some problems with transaction processing and load data but the problems have been partially solved by the creation of Lightning Network (it can also be used by other cryptocurrencies).

Lightning network is a kind of money transactions protection within “off-chain” channel.

1 bitcoin – 9 254.02 USD-9 490.32 USD (average-maximum)


Is also a promising kind of cryptocurrency despite that DAO destabilized it a little bit and turned to hard fork. Its uniqueness can be explained by the use of Etherium platform, which gives an opportunity to sign e-smart contracts. The platform has been developed by a range of professionals.

1 ether – 661, 6 USD- 724,81 USD.


This service can promise you the security of your deals. There exists so called “Coins Pool”, where they mix with other coins and sent to different miners which participate in the deal, but the amount is in the right proportion as it should be. There is a special algorithm that is used in the system.

1 monero – 244,15USD- 282, 23USD


This type of currency is noted for its maximum anonymousness and security of data. In the process there is used a complex algorithm, based on bilinear mathematics.

It is impossible to see all the deals, the deals can be seen only by particular participants of a particular deal.

1 ZCash – 299.209USD- 317.723USD


This type really resembles Monero, the only difference is the impossibility of confidentiality. It is done automatically by the network.

1 Dash – 536,86 USD


Was one of the first, who resembled bitcoin, the difference is that the deals and rewards are organized in a better way, 3 times faster.

1 Litecoin- 171,46USD – 193,18 USD

There exists more than 700 types of cryptocurrency. One thing that is obvious for us is that with the introduction of crypto currency our world has changed together with our understanding.

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