Freelance: how to get to the top of the tree

Freelance: how to get to the top of the tree

What can be better than to be a freelancer, which presupposes no pressure, no working routine?! But at the same time those independents cannot boast reliable income. Once one can get an impressive income, but there is no guarantee that next month the success would repeat. And again if one tries to do his or her best, it can become a chain of successful earnings from one month to another and so on. In this right article we are going to give you some tips how to succeed if you are a freelancer. Want to know more? Follow us!

Introduce your own website

Your website can work for you! It can bring you lots of money, if you put efforts in it, good SEO and you would be successful.

Make a good representation of yourself

To be successful, to be familiar to everybody, to be in great demand you are to promote yourself and your service or whatever you offer. Of course, it should be a well-planed promotion using mass media. Also you are to take into consideration the following criteria:

  • Target audience (the audience that you are focused on. It is important to make clear: age,sex, occupation and interests of your group)
  • What you can offer, the uniqueness of the product or service. What makes you different /better among products and services alike?

The more services you can offer, the more chances to succeed you have.

Do not concentrate on one and the same kind of a service; offer your clients something extra, it can be a continuation, addition to your major service. For example, you can design a site and as an additional service, if you can, you can be also a copywriter of this site and so on. The more you can offer, the more chances of having reliable earnings you have.

Setting your goals

It is impossible to achieve something if you don’t know what exactly you want and by what means it can be achieved. Set daily goals, weekly and so on. Think how to meet the goal, what is the best way of doing it. And never give up, if you failed to do something, don’t stop. Think it over why you have failed and try to do it again.

Use modern gadgets to monitor time

Sometimes it is difficult for us to map out time. So many things to do and in the result our productivity is in decline. But luckily there are lots of modern gadgets such as time trackers which allow us to map out the time. Everyone can find something according to his or her liking.

Distractions are a productivity killer

Think about your job and the results; forget about any kinds of destructions such as inability to see your friends as often as you used to do, avoid stressful situations. It is essential while you are busy with social media work.

Work! Work! Work!

Obviously, the more time you devote to your job, the more money you can earn in the result. But it is also important to find a happy medium, because overtime leads to production loss. Time management will help you to succeed.

Outsource your work

If you are swamped with work, there are too many demands, and you are afraid that you won’t be able to file all orders, there is such a possibility to loss some part of your clients and in the result-to lose your money. But if you have friends, for example, somebody whom you can trust and rely on, you can outsource your work and not lose your money.

Affinity Marketing can also become your additional source of money. And let’s discuss this point in details.

So, first of all, let’s identify it. Affinity Marketing is a kind of sales promotion when your partner is given a certain reward for each client or a sale which was done due to the efforts of the partner.

Let’s illustrate this definition with an example for you to understand better what affinity marketing is. Imagine that there is a certain company which offers certain services or goods. You can buy this product or not, but you start telling your friends, colleagues and so on that this service or a product is such a nice thing. For this you are to be given a certain percent from the sales due to your promotion and advertising of the product.

What are the peculiarities of such kind of marketing?

  • * There is no need to create a product by yourself
  • * There is no need to introduce a purchase system
  • * Quite often those who created the product supplies the partner with schemes and instruments of promotion
  • * Minimum of risk
  • * Minimum costs

Hope that our article was useful for you. Thank you for attention!

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