How to use the web site

In this section we’ll touch upon the topic how to handle the web site. So, if you’ve just opened the page, and have never been here before, don’t know how to start and where to find the necessary information, here we go, reading this article you’ll find answers to all your questions with useful links.

The web site has got the following sections: Start now, how it works, About us, Privacy Policy, Terms, FAQs, Blog andf contacts. Further we are going to touch upon every part briefly, identifying the purpose of every section .After reading this part you’ll understand better the way the web site functions, and what is hidden behind this or that link.

So many questions about payday loans

Previously, we said that “reading this article you’ll find answers to all your questions”. Here the key word is questions. Before making a certain decision it’s natural to hesitate and have lots of questions. In order not to surf the internet trying to find the targeted topics we have gathered all the things in one and the same place and called FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) If you want to know what payday loan is, how much it takes to get the money using this service, who can apply, criteria for being approved and other questions, including why our company can be interesting for you.

How to use the web site

So you can see this section is quite useful and convenient for users. If you still have got some questions and they were not discussed in FAQs section, you can address us, by leaving a message. The address you can find in Contacts, this part we’ll discuss further.

Information about Paydayiom

Considering us as a potential broker to deal with, you might have been interested in the basic principles of our work, how the entire process is organized. is a useful link where you can find more details about us, for example, maximum APR, minimum and maximum loan length and so on. For our privacy policy go to What you should remember is that we are not a lender, we are a broker, our aim is to find a proper lender for you, and we, in our turn, deal only with reliable and proven loan suppliers. Again, all the information is given in details below, just follow the links.

How it works

How to use the web site

For taking a loan you’ll need to accomplish several easy steps such as giving of an immediate interest details, Online connection with a debtee and funds transfer, in details you can study the information how the process is organized by going to Besides, gives you an opportunity to study terms and conditions of use, for more details how to use this web site, services with which our company can provide you with, eligibility, and confidential information and other things can be found at this page.


Blog section can plunge you into the financial world by providing coverage of up-to date topics; we are trying to keep in touch with the recent news. The way, for instance, the current standing of bit coins change, how to choose the best loans, student loans and other topics are reflected in

How to use the web site

How to start Making a decision to deal with us you go to, where you’ll find an easy to fill in form, you’ll be asked to provide us with the basic information, so that we could find the right and the best lender for you, all the information that you provide us with is verified. If you are approved, the money can be received the next B-day.

If you haven’t found the answer to a certain question, we are always ready to help you, going to, you can fill in the form giving your name and e-mail and ask your question, and we’ll be always ready to clear out all the moments.

How to use the web site

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