Quick money to overcome financial challenge

Paydayiom.co.uk is engaged in the business of loan granting (small amounts of money are to be paid off within 2 weeks). We have got a FCA license and exercise under norms and regulations set by the law. We are a broker, what we do is matching our clients with direct lenders. While making decision, more attention is paid to paying capacity than credit score. The kind of lending that offer is no guarantor, and requires no security or collateral.

For you to orient better in the sphere of lending, you can study the following table:

Type of a loan Poor credit score No Guarantor Direct lending
Payday Loans in UK Poor credit score is not an obstacle for taking a loan. All applicants are considered. The decision depends on a lender. You can try your fortune, for e.g. at paydayiom.co.uk Lots of payday loan services are ready to offer you loans on no guarantor basis. You can do it directly, without brokers.
Loans which cater for a short term period Applicants with bad credit history are considered. Good decision for those who can afford it.  no data
Taking Loans Online This type is more concerned with clients’ paying capacity. Is considered to be an expensive type of lending, but at the same time it is one of the fastest ways to get rid of financial burden. Can be directly offered by a lender.
Cash advance Is not an obstacle. Poor credit is OK.Applicants are considered. Is available in UK. Not all direct lenders can offer cash advance.
Consumer loan This type of a loan presupposes bigger sums of money and more attention is paid to credit score. Is not widely spread, but can be available. More traditional lenders can offer such type of lending.
Small loan Is a good decision even for those who have got a very bad credit score. Guarantor is not needed. Can be directly offered by a lender.

It is seen from the table that in UK there exist lots of variants to overcome the financial challenge. Mostly in all cases, apart from consumer loans, applicants who cannot boast good credit score can fill in the request form and they have chances to be approved, especially if we are talking about small loans. In most cases site Users will deal with direct lenders. If the amount of money is not big enough, there is no need to find a guarantor.

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