Summer bank holiday in August turned out to be hot this year

Summer bank holiday in August turned out to be hot this year in all senses, rich in events and blazing. Each year it is celebrated during the last Monday of August, so this year citizens of UK have met the holiday on 28th of August. In this short article we are going to have a brief outlook concerning the roots of the holiday, how it all have been started , where people could go for plunging into the atmosphere of the high day , must-to go events that creates this special atmosphere and the way the sense of the holiday has changed starting with its’ foundation. But we promise to do it in a simple and easy manner.    So let’s have a look at its history, today’s events, and the way the country celebrates it these days.

Summer Bank Holiday is traditionally celebrated during the last Monday of August

The holiday is noted for its festiveness achieved by sheen, magnificent music created by drums and dancing. The holiday is hold annually starting with 1965, and its popularity is growing every year. Originally this celebration has been organized by Caribbean immigrants and Thai to some extent. The celebration from the very beginning has been established as a protest against adverse working conditions and racism that those incomers suffered. Today this kind of celebration is posed as multicultural, where more than 2 million people participate. People refer to the holiday to as bank holiday because usually as the whole process of celebration goes, banks don’t work. But it is not always so. The same thing can be said about the way offices work or other institutions, for some people this time is considered to be an ideal one for visiting zoos, museums and other festive events, but there is another part of people who prefer working to having fun, it gives them an opportunity to work and earn more money and at the same time they can benefit by choosing another time for having a holiday, when it will be more convenient for them.

Hence, everyone can have some fun, there are lots of alternatives

One can enjoy The Notting Hill Carnival. It is a must to attend the event which goes back to 1964. Plunging into the atmosphere of the carnival everyone can still feel the spirit of Caribbean culture. Beautiful costumes and grand parade are waiting for their guests every August as Bank holiday.Our next thing to do is to visit Walala X Play, where the first 3D installation has been launched.

Taking about the holiday it turned out to be rich in events, but people of UK will also remember it as one of the hottest holidays due to the fact that the rise in temperature up to 28.1 has surpassed the previous mark, registered in 1990.

During this holiday many organizations and schools are not open

That is why there can occur some problems with banking operations, for example. There can be some delays in money transfer, but luckily those challenges are not stable. As a rule many industries are shut down for a fortnight starting with the last week of July as the holiday is moving closer and closer. Some shops can be closed and there can be difficulties in posting.  Within a short time span all banking operations are to be available. At everyone can try his or her fortune and take a loan. We offer loans on the best basis for urgent needs; those who are financially squeezed can count on sums of money up to 5000 pounds.

Next bank holidays

Next bank holidays are going to be Christmas Day(25th  December) and Boxing Day(26th December).

As usual, we will continue to write about forthcoming holidays and the way it affects functioning of banks.

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