The phenomenon of bit coin

There is such a concept that block chain and bit coins are interrelated. More over the idea of a block chain without bit coin seems to be strange. The internet is riddled with numerous headlines about those two notions, one can easily find such subsections as to get a bit coin loan, the way Blok chain functions and so on. In our today’s article we are going to throw light on the notion of bit coin and its interrelation to block chain and share with you the formula of bit coin success. For more information about block chain you can go to the page using the link.

Bit coin is considered to be an information network, which is supplied with energy divided by time.

It can be said that bit coin is safe enough by transforming energy into safety. So its formula of success can be described in the following manner: Power= Energy/time.

Bit coin miners expend on energy per 10 minutes making a mark of safety, which protects, in its turn, block chain from any changes and errors. Search algorithm is used for being sure that there won’t be any kind of hacking, including quantum. The more energy in the process of mining is used there are more chances that the data will be protected.

The data is always more valued if it is true one, the more energy is involved in the process of mining, the more chances that the data is true. Bit coin transforms power into trueness (safety).

To measure energy, we need time.

For profit, to gain power we need energy and time. In our cases power is a periodicity at which a certain task is performed. So relying on marks given by bit coin we can see if there have been any changes, if the data is a real one, true.

As a matter of fact there are lots of points of view concerning bit coins.

There is such an idea that it can be replaced by altchains. The idea is that altchain can offer something alike, for example reserve currency. But from our point of view this type of a system is more vulnerable in comparison with bit coins, and can be hacked as its safety is based on privacy, and to hack such kind of a system is just a matter of time. If you want to survive you’ll have to attach it to bit coin, if you don’t want to be attacked. No doubts the safe future of information is in bitcoin

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