Today’s financial life in Great Britain

Today’s financial life in Great Britain

Not delivered upon expectations presented on previous Friday, British industrial production enhanced at the speediest tempo in September and trade in commodities is not any longer associated with imbalance that much.

Not long time ago Bank of England members came out flat-footed for nudging interest rates up, let us say that such kind of decision has been observed for the first time in a 10-year period.

The Office for National Statistics paid attention to the fact that such raise has nothing in common with a one and six monthly drop. The issue concerning consumer spending might have become a burning one for the Bank of England.

There is a standpoint which is supported by many exerts in the scope of financial studies that country’s economy is to slow in the forthcoming year. This thing can be explained by the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

The whole picture of uneven economic development is to be presented this week added by inflation, wage hike and retail sales together with an annual budget in Philip Hammond’s report.

We cannot deny the fact that a growth which was plus 0.4 % is a positive note registered in the 3rd quarter of 2017 unlike the very beginning of it, but this change doesn’t seem to be so positive in comparison with euro.

The third quarter can be renowned for positive changes in manufacturing, industry and construction

Meantime, it has become transparent this year that in keeping with the results of some researches, 17 nursing officers a day resort to payday loans for keeping body and soul together.

It has also been stated that hardship grant allowances up to £500 given by the Royal College of Nursing have been enhanced by 30%

In the society there is an anxiety concerning the possibility of nurses’ job action, meantime as the data shows in a half-year period of time 3000 dressers applied for a payday loan.

The research indicated that on account of the Government’s 2011 wage restraint today’s wage lacks 14 % for more or less normal conditions to live.

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