How to handle with un-looked for utility bills?

Sooner or later one can while looking through the utility bill find out that he or she has spared more money for utilities this month than he or she has expected. Quite often in the scenario like that the person who opens the bill is not prepared for tossing about more money, the person just cannot do it due to the fact there is no money. Of course, many will consider instant cash payday loan is the best alternative, but are there other ways out? Let’s have a look.

We have developed for you a plan of actions in situation like that. By following those steps and recommendations you can get rid of the problem.

  • Step 1. Talk to your utility provider. Together you can decide what can be done, and the steps to be done from your part for paying off the bill, probably you can divide the sum into several payments.
  • Step 2. Decide which payments are not of great importance. For example you can prolong payment for sports and so on and pay for utilities for example, because this kind of payment is of great importance for you.
  • Step 3. If you do not have money at all, you can resort to payday loans online. You are given a certain sum of money which is to be paid off within a fortnight. Generally, for £200 taken you’ll have to return extra £24. Consider this alternative, but we want you to bear in mind that you understand the responsibility for taking a loan, and you are able to return the borrowed without any postpones.

How can I start to pay by Prepaid energy meters?

Nearly all suppliers can offer you such service, of course the price can vary, and some suppliers can do it for free. Ask your supplier about such service.

Is it possible to ward off such bills in future?

Well, if you’ll take into consideration the following points there is such a possibility to avoid unexpected bills with huge costs in future:

  • Make sure that there hasn’t been a sharp rise in payment for utilities. Study carefully all the time information concerning prices. If there has been a rise, you should plan your budget in accordance with the prices, start to economize.
  • Make sure that your metering device is working in a proper way. How to check? Switch off the electric appliances, then have a look at your device, if the meter is moving, it doesn’t work in a proper way, you are to call your supplier, if it doesn’t move everything is OK, you can switch on again all appliances.
  • Make a habit to control how much energy you use, pay for the utilities in advance.

Prepaid energy meters info that you need to know

  • If you continue to receive unexpected bills, resort to prepaid energy meters;
  • In some cases you can be switched to Prepaid energy meters for free;
  • You pay for energy in advance, not after the usage of it;
  • You can replenish your account at newsagent, post office or Online.

Just imagine the following situation: each month you pay for the bill, let us say, £120. But all of a sudden, your refrigerator has been broken, it is hot outside and of course you need a refrigerate to keep your products fresh, and you pay money for service, at the same time you receive you bill, and you haven’t got money to cover the bill. But if you would have paid for energy in advance you’d never face a situation like that.

Finally, we would like to help you in ranging your expenses in accordance with their priority.

1st place – food.

Of course the biggest part of our budget is devoted to food. No doubt it is essential part of our life and there can be spent lots of money. It’s not a secret searching for delicious food; you’d better stop and concentrate on healthy food for you and members of your family. Say “No” to fast food.

2nd place – things for keeping a house hold running

In this group we should mention toilet paper, soap, toothpaste and so on. And even here you can economize by giving preference to things, for example you can postpone buying a new gel for hair.

3rd place – Utilities

Save money for paying for the bills (gas, electricity and so on). Stressing the previous ideas, it is a good habit to pay by Prepaid energy meters.

These are 3 crucial things we are to prepare money.

Also the list can be added by the following expenses:

  • You should always have money for un-looked for events (trips, occasions and events, sudden disease)
  • Money for insurance
  • Auto service
  • Payments for telephone
  • Internet

Remember about your basic needs: to have some food, to have a good place for having a rest and live without stress knowing that you have got enough money for  your comfort.

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